Oil + Gas



The Heartland Group is a conglomerate of business and strategic partners focused on providing alternative investment opportunities to accredited investors. As a smaller company in the oil and gas industry, rather than relying on deep pockets, we have focused on leveraging our connections to reach our goals. The Heartland Group has positioned itself in the Permian Basin, officially the highest producing region in the United States according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Heartland hopes this will be recognized as one of our keys to success in the long term. Heartland also believes in sound business practices. Heartland does not have bank loans, lines of credits, and other such debt. We pay cash for leases and equipment leaving the only debt as that of investor’s loans. That means large banks or third party corporations cannot control us. All assets are paid for which provides a safety net for investors. Heartland acquires significant resources to ensure investor viability.



Heartland’s primary strategic objective since inception has been the acquisition and development of proven producing properties. Since then, we identified several thousand candidate wells that meet our strict criteria for viable projects and as such may be acquired.



Heartland’s corporate strategy takes advantage of mature properties divested by larger oil and gas firms, who are now concentrating on new, higher risk drilling opportunities. Mid-size and major oil companies, with a higher overhead and production cost, have changed their focus to more capital-intensive, new drilling, international, and offshore projects!



Heartland, as a private oil & gas entity, does not carry the elevated overhead of larger oil and gas companies, thus lower development and per barrel lifting costs allow us to achieve higher profitability from wells that have fallen out of favor with their current owners.

The Industry

Like any industry, there are highs and lows. However, the oil industry has a unique advantage. Oil is a commodity that will always be essential to society, and historically it has proven to be valuable. Properly positioned, in the Permian Basin, with newer technology, this commodity can provide diversified and mitigated-risk opportunities to investors.

How We Do It

All project locations Heartland has chosen to establish themselves in is intentional. As of early 2019, Heartland is participating in 4 projects, all of which are located in or near the Permian Basin. Choosing these locations was instrumental in setting Heartland up for success. The Permian Basin and many adjacent basins are among the most oil and gas rich regions in the entire country according to the EIA. This fact alone plays a central part in how we curate our projects.